Unsorted entries in main window vs. sidebar

I have unsorted checked, but in the View->Sort menu (or in the dropdown) it also shows “Ascending” checked at the same time. In the main window, it has my preferred sorting, but in the sidebar the same folders are sorted differently, using Ascending (it won’t let me drag to reposition folders)

(just upgraded to DT3)

You have Unsorted checked… where?

In the View --> Sort menu, as well as the dropdown menu in the top right of the window, it has Unsorted as well as Ascending checked. Shouldn’t it be one or the other?

The View menu and Sort dropdown apply to the item list, not the Navigate sidebar.
Control-click a database in the sidebar and choose Sort > Unsorted.

Note: Just as there’s only one Sort method applicable to the item list in a window, there is only one Sort method that applies to all open databases in the Navigate sidebar.

Got it, thanks, I don’t know how I missed the right-click, I thought I tried that

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

When I choose unsorted from the context menu in the sidebar, why do the entries rearrange themselves? And what determines the order of this “unsorted?” list? Thx!

The Unsorted order is the order in which the items were added to/created in their enclosing group.