Unspecified OCR engine error (Devonthink Pro Office 2.9.13)

I just updated to Devonthink Pro Office 2.9.13 (OS X 10.12.5) and immediately started getting these errors on every new scan from my ScanSnap S1500:

Couldn’t open page 1
Unspecified OCR engine error
Continue to import the document as is, or skip it?

Couldn’t recognize page 1
Unspecified OCR engine error
Continue to import the document as is, or skip it?

I immediately rolled back to 2.9.12 and all is normal.

Does it work again after restarting the computer? Which file format (e.g. PDF/TIFF/JPEG) do you use for the scans?

I restarted the computer and the problem persisted. I uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted, problem persisted.

This occurred with new scans from the ScanSnap. It also occurred when I tried to re-OCR the failed files using Convert > To Searchable PDF. Those failed files converted just fine when I reverted to 2.9.12.

I scan to PDF using the standard ScanSnap settings: Automatic Resolution, Auto Color Detection, Duplex Scan.

I have exactly the same issue since upgrading to 2.9.13 !

Also same problem and have rolled back to 2.9.12 and everything works again.

Error from console.log if its any help:

2017-07-10 10:30:15.226 DEVONscribbler[1109:235714] ERROR: failed OCR operation on `/Users/anthony/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/DEVONthink Pro/CE661AAE-D734-4976-A7F1-105E347E2A6F-1081-000003FE63477CA7.pdf’: Error Domain=com.abbyy.error.FREngine Code=-2145925224 “Couldn’t create a layout for page 1” UserInfo={DTScribblerLibraryPath=/Users/anthony/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Abbyy/share/FREngine/i386, NSLocalizedDescription=Couldn’t create a layout for page 1, NSLocalizedFailureReason=Unspecified OCR engine error} {
DTScribblerLibraryPath = “/Users/anthony/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Abbyy/share/FREngine/i386”;
NSLocalizedDescription = “Couldn\U2019t create a layout for page 1”;
NSLocalizedFailureReason = “Unspecified OCR engine error”;

Same with me. El Capitan 10.11.6. Restarting has no effect. After naming a item, the page does not disappear. Canceling removes it.

+1 In the same boat. I successfully scanned about 10 documents consisting of a couple hundred pages before the error popped up. On one document, seemingly out of nowhere, I got the OCR engine error. I figured it was a fluke, but the next documents waiting in the Activity window errored with the same problem. Trying to manually convert to searchable PDF resulted in the same error. Restarting the app didn’t help. Downgrading to 2.9.12 fixed the issue.

Sadly this fix seems to be short lived. 2.9.12 has stopped functioning and crashes on startup. Reinstallation of 2.9.13 produces the same OCR error . . .

I have submitted a ticket to the support staff requesting assistance.

Version 2.9.14 will fix this and be available this week.

Excellent, thanks for the update.

Exact same problem here; just started a week or two ago. Anxiously waiting for .14 update…

Version 2.9.14 is already available.

Bug squashed! Thanks for 2.9.14.