Unstable databases Devon Office

On three separate occasions I have lost all of my database structure/indexing. (Devonthink Pro Office 1.53, Mac pro 2g ram, 10.5.5, databases on Mac Server 10.5.5)
ie, when i start up the database it is blank. When i try to rebuild the database it does not do anything. All of the backups are empty (I have my system set up for ten backups)
This problem is clearly more than a power surge or other. There is a pattern here.
The problem is there are no options for doing backups with the program and they are set by default. When an error occurs in the databases, they get backed up and they overwrite the previous good backups with bad ones until they are all gone. Sometimes this happens before I realize there is a problem, too late though.
Yes all of the files are in a folder, without indexing or metadata.
I have been doing external backups with mac backup utility. I usually lose quiet a few days of data when I do this.
Does anyone have suggestions on how to protect these databases from crashing?? Suggestions welcome.

jerome list

Storing the databases on the Mac Pro might fix this as network/client/server issues can damage the database, e.g. if the network is unreliable, if multiple people try to access the database concurrently or if the client/server is frozen or crashed.

I’ve used DT for over 4 years now, and only once had a database corruption. It has been very stable for me so I think the network issue is probably to fault. I’d also advise having backups that are not made by DT but some other software, or manually. When my database got corrupted (all the RTF’s were destroyed) I went back to an archived copy and only lost about 1 days worth of work. I have used ChronoSync to backup for about 4 years also, running it over a network, you might take a look at it. It can automatically mount volumes remotely over a network.