Unsubscribe from Facebook

Just read the blog about unsubscribing from Facebook and applaud the decision. It us something I want to do and the only thing stopping me is that I post a weekly newsletter from my church and can not figure out a way to still publish it but without using FB! I am to very technically minded so it has to be easy to do, something that FB is. Too long for Twitter. I know this is nt a DevonThink problem but any advice would be gratefully received. Apologies if I am out of order posting this here.

Though their ads on YouTube are endlessly annoying, and I don’t use it personally, have you checked out wix.com? It presents as a simple way to set up and add content to a website, and have it look good without much effort.

Another easy way to build a blog is medium.com (but I’ve never used it myself, just noticed here and there in my RSS feeds).

P.S. Moving this topic to the DEVONtechnologies board.

Thanks guys, good suggestions and I will check them out.