Unwanted deletions due to DT backspace eccentric behaviour

I have started using a keyboard from which I can switch to write in several devices. It is often that I start writing commands for the wrong device. This has become a big issue with DEVONthink because of its odd use of the backspace key to delete files.

When I assume the backspace key is behaving as usual (deleting a few letters in a document in my iPad), it happens that the keyboard remains connected to my Mac and such input results in an unknown number of files in DT been deleted. It is hard to know when this has happened, and impractical to keep looking in DT’s Trash, as it is time consuming to check each file in its nested structure.

defaults write com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2 DontAskBeforeTrashing -bool FALSE doesn´t work. And I don’t think asking always for confirmation to delete would be an ideal solution.

Would it be possible to have an option in DT’s preferences to make its deletion command be that of most apps? Files are deleted when pressing cmd + backspace. And backspace is used only to delete text inside documents.

The request is noted, but no promises, of course.

Thank you. In case it is of use to other users, in the meantime I have enabled defaults write com.devon-technologies.think3 DontAskBeforeTrashing -bool FALSE.

My guess is that I am not alone with this problem, since the ability to switch among different keyboards is common in wireless keyboards, such as Logitech’s. The fact that a commonly used key in other applications happens to delete files in DT database doesn’t seem to be a good idea. For what I can tell, it makes DT unreliable to keep important documents. I realised this was happening when I found out that my most used documents in DT, such as my daily schedule, kept disappearing.

And it doesn’t seem possible to assign cmd+backspace to the delete command of DT in macOS Application Shortcuts.

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The behavior has been this way for the almost 8 years I’ve been with DEVONtech, and surely well before my time too. But as I said, the request is noted.

Cmd-Backspace is actually used by Data > Move To Trash.

I am fine with that shortcut. Is there any menu item that uses backspace (without cmd) to delete files, so that it can be reassigned?

No, this is internally handled.