Unwanted Duplication of Notes

Whenever I write a text note (either with plain text or with RTF) in DevonThink Pro it gets automatically copied after a few minutes and this behaviour is repeated a number of times. As a result I have the same note 3 or 4 times (actually the copies differ because any particular copy represents only the specific stage of the original note at the time when it was copied)

Now is this a bug or a feature? In any case I do not like this behaviour and would prefer not having to deal with those unwanted duplicates.

Are you syncing your data in any way? Are other devices part of your DTP ecosystem?

If not syncing, are you storing the DTP database file in a cloud? What you describe is not what should happen, so I suspect some other “force” is at work.

I am syncing my data with Bonjour on a local network. A Macbook (macOS 10.12.2) is the server and I have an iMac (10.12.2), iPad and iPhone (both iOS 10.2) as clients.

I suspect support is on vacation (New Year’s Day), so in the meantime please list which versions of OS/X and DTP you are using. This way support won’t spend extra time asking you further questions once they are back.

Nope. Not on vacation :smiley:
However, it is most likely you have a conflict resolution on Sync and it is set to Duplicate in Sync’s conflict resolution setting.

I just checked the settings in all my devices, and indeed two of them had conflict resolution set to Duplicate. I changed that and will now see what happens. Thanks for the very quick response :slight_smile:

That’s what it defaults to, so people don’t overwrite instead. No problem and Cheers! :smiley: