Unzip / Zip

I would find it very useful to be able to unzip and zip folders from inside the database. I realize this might not work given the way documents are stored in a database. And I know it would not play with the AI.

But, useful nonetheless. If I had an zipped archive in a group and there was an “unzip” command, then I would see the zipped archive replaced by the contents of the archive (including new groups for the contents of folders internal to the archive, etc.). The opposite would happen with “zip” – If I select a group and zip it, then its contents and children would be placed into an archive. Same if I select a document or documents inside a group. In the case of “zip” however I would not replace the groups or documents with the new zip – I would leave them intact.

That’s more or less identical to this request, right?

In the case that if one wanted to script what I suggested 20140416, then what I suggested 20110602 would be “related” – not precisely “identical” :confused: But, at least after 3 years the idea is getting noticed :laughing: