update email import


i am importing my various mailboxes from mail.app into dtpo by using the “Add to DTPO” menu item in mail.app.
now that works but i am wondering how i automatically update/sync the imports? new mail moved into one of the directories should show up in dtpo.

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A Mail rule.

See Send email to DTPO

works, kinda. despite the fact i have imported my mailbox before, the mail rule imports into the global inbox and not the directory it should (which is /root/way/down/here/mail/* where * are the various mailboxes). it also does not seem to care about the structure i have in mail.app…

i just realised my attachments aren’t really clickable/open-able.

If you wish, the scripts can be modified to import your mail to a specific location. The scripts are located in ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.apple.mail. Open in AppleScript editor, and change this line at the beginning of the script:

-- POSIX path of destination database. Global inbox is used if not specified.
property pDatabasePath : ""

Click the “text alternative” icon and your messages will be displayed as rich text with clickable attachments.

doesn’t this mean i would have to duplicate the script for every mailbox i want to import?

thanks. any way to make that behaviour stick? it doesn’t even remember for mails i have done this on.

DEVONthink doesn’t keep a record in the database of every import action, what documents went where, when, etc. So yes, you’d either need a script modification for every destination, or some other approach.

The “text alternative” is not a sticky setting. Stickiness has been requested, IIRC, but is not now an option.

i just played around with it a bit more. if i try to use keyboard maestro for moving the emails in mail.app from one folder to another and execute the applescript from DT, nothing gets imported.

is the only way to use those applescripts to actually invoke them from inside mail.app, via a special filter/rule?

Yes. Those scripts have this statement

on perform mail action with messages theMessages for rule theRule

which limits their scope to what you observed. OTOH, they could be modified to work as you were hoping.