Update index - logs/statistics

When “Update index” is “Automatically” I have the impression it is frequently updating (e.g. initial update started at 10:46, then next update is running at 11:30, without adding files), also that I have not added such an amount of files, as displayed in the progress bar, e.g. “x of 532340: Indexing …”, see screenshot attached.

Is it possible to identify when the index was updated in the past, e.g. hours?
Is there any log or statistics available?
Is the update-process always covering all files, not only the latest added files?

Initial index-update 10:46:

next update 11:30:

Which locations do you index?

This is a two-step process. The first one adds/updates/removes items, the second one rebuilds the complete index.

Locations are all on the local client/SDD:

Selected Categories are all, except:
Web Search, Code, Property Lists, Archives.

Just now (12:40) the index update is running again.

What does “Data” contain?

“Data” is a SMB-connected NAS-folder, containing all kind of files. The icon is now “blue folder” after accessing the folder, not grey anymore.

And is this data modified by other computers or any apps?

No, that folder is rarely used, last accessed months ago and no other users/clients modify this folder.

What is the impact of the selected “Category”-items? Here I have nearly every listed item selected.

The items which are frequently changing are e.g. emails. Does this change trigger always the rebuild of the complete index?

See above:

The first step processed 43 items (the new/updated stuff), the second indexed everything (532343 items).

Ok, understood; so the index-process works as designed, right?

In this case I will trigger the update process manually.

Thank you so much for the quick reply and support.

Best regards,


That’s correct.

You could also choose a schedule like hourly or daily and just trigger an update manually when it should be necessary.