Update indexed docs still records aliases

When I index a folder that includes aliases, it indexes the documents that the aliases point to, as expected. But there seem to be two issues I run into.

The first seems to be a bug - If I index a folder with aliases and then remove the aliases from the folder, the documents those aliases pointed to still show up as indexed. I’ve updated the indexed folders multiple times, but DT3 still indexes the documents those aliases point to, even when the aliases are gone.

The second thing may be intentional, and I would love help understanding.

Sometimes I’ll index two aliases that point to two duplicate documents. But when I convert duplicates to replicants and empty my trash, both documents still exist in their original location. So the duplicate has NOT been moved to trash, though it is no longer visible within DT3. When my trash empties, it’s supposed to trash the original files, not just w/in DT3. So normally, if I was indexing the duplicate documents directly, and not via alias, one of those documents would be sent to my computer’s trash.

Aliases and symbolic links are resolved already while importing/indexing, therefore after removing the alias/symbolic link updating indexed items uses the resolved path which still exists in this case.

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