Update Indexed Items yields duplicates of items already in

I have a group with the indexed “replicates” of around nnn files in a folder outside of DT. When I “update indexed items”, instead of updating the contents of the group DT adds duplicates of the pre-existing items. Now I have 2 x nnn “replicates” in the group.

Is it something I am doing, or is it DT? Solution?

Same problem as with an older one: https://discourse.devontechnologies.com/t/update-indexed-items-yields-duplicates-of-items-already-in-g/12978

Where are the indexed items located, is the path of the duplicates identical?

Indexed items are located on the internal disk on a OneDrive location.
Yes, the path of the duplicates is the same.

One more note: I get this problem after migrating to a new Mac . I followed the instructions from: DEVONtechnologies | How to Migrate to a New Mac

Screenshots showing the Info inspector of two duplicates would be useful, thanks.

I think I managed to find out the root cause of the problem.
The file in the existing database (before update index) has the path:

~/OneDrive - Xxx/Bases de données/xxx/Database Platforms/assets/RE- End of Week note[4].eml

And the ‘new’ file after index update looks like:

~/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive-Xxx/Bases de données/xxx/Database Platforms/assets/RE- End of Week note[4].eml

With the new Mac I got automatically the upgrade to the new OS Monterey where the OneDrive location goes under ‘CloudStorage’.

The question is: how can I fix this problem as I have tens of databases based on OneDrive.

Ugh! That’s what I suspected.

  1. Go into a problematic database.
  2. Select an indexed parent group.
  3. Open the Tools > Inspectors > Generic Info inspector.
  4. Click the flyout arrow next to the Path field and choose Select.
  5. Select the parent folder in its new location in the Finder. This should resolve the paths in the database.
  6. Repeat as needed.

PS: We did discuss this on our blog…

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