Update Issue

A reported error occurs when I check for updates, following the DT 2.6 message.

What is “a reported error”? The “DT 2.6 message” is …what?

Is 2.6 operational or not?

Sorry - I should have been more explicit. A couple of hours ago I received an email message from DEVONtechnologies saying that Version 2.6 was available for download. I clicked the ‘Check for Updates…’ command in the programme, only to receive an error message (whose exact wording I cannot recall). I clicked again, and received the error message again.

However… in the course of writing this reply, I am pleased to say that I’ve clicked a third time, and the problem, whatever it was, has gone.

Edit: DT Pro Office 2.6 successfully downloaded and installed. I look forward to using it.

I had this as well, the message simply said that there was an error in the download please try later, or something like that, no specific problem was recorded. ike the original poster it also cleared after 3 tries.