Update, now won't start


I’ve had DT and DA working fine for 6 months. I updated to 1.3b last week. Now both apps won’t start.

The app start screen says initializing and verifying, then nothing.

What’s wrong?

There’s no code change in the recent beta that could cause that.

Most likely it’s the result of problems with the operating system, or with the disk directory – it’s possible, for example, that a disk error could have caused errors when installing the most recent update.

I would suggest running Disk Utility repair permissions and verify disk utilities. If errors are reported by the verify disk routine, you might try restarting while holding down the Shift key, to boot into Safe Mode. The bootup will take longer than normal, as diagnostic and repair routines are being run. When the Finder appears, you can restart once more. Let’s hope any disk errors were corrected.

When strange things happen, I recommend free or donation-ware utilities such as OnyX and AppleJack that can run additional OS and disk maintenance that would otherwise require running them from the Terminal.

It’s a good idea to run preventive maintenance on the operating system and disk directory to keep them in good shape.

Next, drag your recently installed DT application to the Trash, delete it and reinstall it.

Fingers crossed, you should be up and running again. :slight_smile:

OK, did all of that, a few times.

Even re-installed DT1.2.

The result is the same: initializing screen, verifying, checking for updates…then back to previous running app.

Any other ideas???


[MacBook; latest OS; 2GB RAM]

Two suggestions.

[1] You might have a damaged DT preference file. Locate it at ~/Library/Preferences/. The .plist files to remove are com.devon-technologies.xxx.plist (where “xxx”) will be the name of the application-- and you may as well remove the DEVONagent preference file as well. Do not remove the .plist files for registration.

[2] If that doesn’t work, find the crash log for DT at ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/. Send a message to us at Support and attach the crash log, including a brief description of the problem, such as a URL to this thread, http://www.devon-technologies.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=4020.