Update on Mail from Entourage?

With Leopard (or Snow Leopard if working on my home machine), I still have problems with how best to put selected Entourage emails into DT Pro Office, to include attachments. I find:

  1. If I drag a message into DT, nothing appears in the From column, which makes the record visually useless (many messages with same name). This seems like a bug. In any case, the message doesn’t contain the attachment, which makes this counterproductive, not just useless.

  2. If I drag a message to desktop and then into DT, the From entry is present. However, I cannot access the attachment in an intuitive way. I can use CRL-Open-with-Entourage to bring up the whole message and then double-click on the attachment, but that is both indirect and easy to forget.

  3. If I select a message and use the script Add Message(s) to DevonThink, I get an error message. Perhaps I need to delete scriipts and reinstall? If so, how?

I know that there has been discussion of related matters over the months, but I did not find the summary: do it this way; and I hoped that with all the updates (including SnowLeopard) that things may be better.

I’m sorry to have to repeat this but you cannot drag a message from Entourage in any non-Apple Cocoa program and expect the original message file to appear. Drag-and-drop from Entourage is, was and always will be severely broken. Thank you M$. Use the File > Import > Email… option to be guaranteed best success or drag to the Finder.

Switch to the text view to access the attachments, QuickLook doesn’t present a textview by default.

I have no idea about that script but Christian may be able to shed some light on it.

Thanks. Your “is and always will” language about Entourage is pretty discouraging. I think that I will shift to using Mail, at least for the purpose of linking to DT. Unfortunately, that adds confusion since I rather need to use Entourage in the corporate environment.

I had never used the text view, the icon for which was not where I expected (under View). Searching in the user manual wasn’t very helpful on this but I eventually found what you were talking about. That works.

The explanation on the scripts is, I believe, that they were for Mail only. At least, they work for Mail.

Thanks again

Update with good news for Snow Leopard users! 8)

I was thinking why it would work with the Finder on Snow Leopard, it seems that Apple has fixed an issue now. I modified the Sorter and now it works as expected. Ditto if you drag from Entourage directly into DEVONthink. Ditto for multiple messages. This is great, thanks Apple!