update this website

May I suggest an update to this website? It’s looking rather old and could use a modern look and feel. :open_mouth:

This is not a simple task and something that’s on our long list of things to do. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Many “old” things are far more beautiful than “modern” ones. :smiley:

just a suggestion (the green “grass” at the bottom is distracting and doesn’t serve any practical purpose).

The forum using PHP BB is fine (it serves the purpose and is secure and keeps out spam).

I just think DT technologies deserves a killer site.

I would be happy to do pro-bono work and help the team. I am an independent web developer and assisting on your website project would be a great opportunity to expand my portfolio.


I’ve never used the default theme. Try setting the theme to prosilver in the board preferences of your user control panel.

I’m not referring to the theme of the forum.

I mean DT tech has an amazing product and deserves are really amazing website :exclamation:

I use the afterburner theme and I have always loved the “grass at the bottom”. I have used the Prosilver theme and it looks like every other phpBB forum. :confused:

Aesthetically speaking, the foliage and colors of the afterburner theme nicely fit the reason we are called DEVONtechnologies: devontechnologies.com/about-us.html