Updates and plug-ins

Hello all.
A question: When downloading updates to DTP one is prompted to choose from a list of extras/plug-ins which to install. Some of these choices are ticked, some are not. Am I right in assuming that this is according to which plug-ins that actually NEED to be updated? Example: The OCR reader was not pre-ticked when upgrading to 2.0.5 which lead me to assume I can safely let it be.



That’s correct. The OCR software (ABBYY) is updated much less often than DTPO itself is so you can accept the ticks as they are. At least that’s what I am doing all the time and it’s all been well so far.

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Thanks for that, sjk and prion. I did a search for earlier posts on the issue but obviously not using sufficient keywords.

It’s usually easier to pick search keywords for topics you’ve previously seen. :slight_smile: