Updating text in note pad view

In Note Pad view I select a document from the list and begin typing in the browser window. If I now double-click on the document, it opens in its own window, but is blank. If I go back to the browser and save, the other window updates. In fact, saving in either window seems necessary to update the other.

When I close the browser, the most recently typed text seems to be saved.

Is this a new behavior? It seems to me that it used to update whenever I switched from one window tho the other?

In any case I find it a bit confusing to work this way … possibly my fault for switching back and forth so often … but still, why not update a window when it’s selected?

Also, it seems to me that the text in the browser view used to wrap to the width of the browser window. Now it seems to have a fixed width. It would be better if the text could wrap to the window width. (I may have read elsewhere that this will change in a future version.)

This glitch will be fixed in version 1.8 (this version saves the content of a browser window before opening a new text window).