Upgrade Confusion

I purchased DT via MacUpdate bundle on 1/1/09. I registered it with Devon Tech as suggested. I requested an upgrade quote and it came back at $20. According to your site, it should be a free upgrade. What gives?

If you purchased DEVONthink, DEVONnote, or a cross-grade from one edition to a higher one after July 1, 2008 you are eligible for a free 2.0 upgrade.

Well, this applies to licenses purchased for the full price but of course not for licenses received as part of a promotion. Thank you for your understanding.

How about me? I bought the full version of DT Pro, I am during the eligible time, and still, my license does not obtain.
Please inform asap, I do need the access to my databases.

A general note: If you are having a problem with getting your final release of your DEVONthink application to accept your registration information as supplied in your license code email, or if you have lost that email, see the links on our Support page about how to get a new copy of your license code email, or how to update your email address so that our registration server can send your license code information to your current email address.

If you don’t see a response to a request for resending your license code, take a look in your junk mail folder, as a spam filter may have diverted it.

If you need access to your databases quickly, before resolving any license code issues, or have not yet purchased registration, go to the fourth ‘lifesaver’ symbol at devon-technologies.com/support/index.html to request a 30-day trial license.