upgrade cost

I have a DevonThink Pro 1 licence. I’m potentially interested in upgrading to DevonThink 2 - either Pro or maybe Pro Office.

But I can’t find anywhere information on how much the upgrades will cost.

I’ve found the page where it asks you for your licence information and registered email etc. But I want to know the costs BEFORE I make a buying decision.

Is it me being stupid, and not being able to find this information? Or are you not making it available? Which begs the question - why?

I’m not going to commit to an upgrade unless the cost is clear up front.

You’re right, the upgrade costs are not directly listed but appear in the “Product” pop-up menu of the second form right below the short one that uses only your license code. The upgrade from DEVONthink Pro v1 to v2 is US$ 30, to Pro Office v2 it’s US$ 90.

We will add an additional price list to that page.