Upgrade costs for DEVONthink 3

DEVONthink 2 was now almost 10 years on the market without any update costs in the meantime. In so far I find the update prices more than acceptable. And I don’t want to criticize the update itself - it has become a good piece of software, for which I will pay the money

Where I see a problem is the license restriction to 2 workplaces. That could be a problem for some people. A larger business may be able to afford this, but DEVONthink is also used by private users or small freelancers on more than 2 computers - and these people may have difficulties to cope with the prices. And I assume a lot of those people are using DEVONthink on more than 2 computers. Why not make a limitation up to 5 workplaces as before?

And: I do not understand the difference between DT Pro and DT Server. It is $ 300. I cannot judge how much effort is behind the implementation of the server function and I do not use it for myself, but is that price difference really necessary? In DTPO 2 the server function was included after all

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Actually it’s a huge effort but the market for this is tiny - the server was the least popular feature of DEVONthink Pro Office 2 by far, most people only required email archiving, scanning & OCR (and that’s what DEVONthink Pro 3 does). And as the Take Control eBook will be free, the prices of the standard/Pro editions are not as high as it might seem.


Also, per @eboehnisch’s discussion on Twitter yesterday, about 85% of our user base work with only one or two Macs.

Taking advantage of the main question, my case is 3 seats. Of course I’m not complaining about number of seats, but my question is related to use mixed versions.

For example, and for me, I will be happy to have the 2 seats of the PRO version and one seat of the normal one, using the same databases. Can that be possible?

That would be separate purchases, one of Standard and one of Pro. You then would essentially have four seats, 2 for each purchased edition.

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And yes, you could use the same databases, of course, best synced using the built-in synchronization.

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I too have a desktop at home, a desktop in my office, and a laptop. It’s just me using the software.

That’s three seats and an extra purchase?

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Yes. You get two seats with the license and can purchase an additional seat if you need a third (or more).

I cannot find a page comparing DT3 and DT3 Pro. What am I getting for the extra $75 in upgrade cost?

I cannot find a page comparing DT3 and DT3 Pro.

There isn’t a specific page. On the https://www.devontechnologies.com/apps/devonthink/editions page, whatever is listed for the Pro edition is not in the Standard edition.

Thank. I didn’t extrapolate quite that far.

I have no issues the way pricing is right now. Two seats are reasonable. If you have three workplaces then you sure can afford $99.

The app is worth that amount, it’s well designed app.

Hours, research, time and money went into developing this app.

This is a small company, they do need to price it this way.


I have to second that.

I bet the DEVON team thought long and hard about the pricing. Bear in mind: Would you rather buy a subscription, which eventually turns out to become the same amount or maybe even more, as the years go by? I am happy they went with the traditional path.


@Hens, I agree with you on all points.

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The work invested in DT3, the stability of the application and its incredible features justify the price of the new version. I love this app which transformed my office to paperless since 10 years. Bravo and thanks to this wonderful team.
This being said, I’m trying to upgrade but the email I used when registering is no longer valid. Thus I can’t get to the upgrade page. Any idea how to do it ?
Thanks, Stéphane

Either upgrade by opening version 2 and choose DEVONthink > Purchase License or Upgrade or contact us with your old and new email adresses so that we can update your account.

I also am a “home” user that uses DTPO for my family and I run it on 3 machines so will be impacted by this change. Will I be able to buy the 3rd seat at the upgrade price? It would seem this is fair as the old licensing model allowed me to run it on 5 machines.


Actually, the old licensing model allowed to run it on as many machines as you own as long as only you personally use them. We never legally supported the family or girlfriend configuration with one license shared on all Macs in the household.

You’ll be able to upgrade your DEVONthink Pro Office license to a two-seat DEVONthink (Pro) 3 license and then add additional seats to your liking.

I just wanted to thank you for coming here to answer questions. It is much appreciated.