Upgrade cupon page incredibly buggy!

I was trying to request an upgrade cupon for DTproOffice, but I don’t know if it worked. The upgrade cupon page is extremely buggy, printing long lines of complaints about numbers of characters everywhere. That’s using PC/Internet Explorer (the person executing payments is not on a mac).

It doesn’t look good, and it didn’t feel so good to use that page.


Could you please email me (eb@devon-technologies.com) a screen shot of the page? Note that you need to have JavaScript switched on for the page to work.

Sorry, it’s not on my computer… (otherwise, it wouldn’t have been a problem to send it, but I can’t ask my co-worker for it.) However, it looks like the normal page, it’s just that each time a letter is entered anywhere, all those “min two letters” and “valid email address” gets repeated, and soon starts filling the page so that it looks completely messed up.

I hope it worked, I really look forward to trying version 2!

Ah, I see. That’s a bug in our scripts then that only affects Internet Explorer on Windows. We’ve never tested it as we didn’t expect anyone to do this. It should work on Firefox also on Windows, I presume.

I got the cupon, so it seems it worked despite the bugs.