Upgrade price for DEVONagent 2 and promotion license...

I use DEVONagent 1.x since short time.

Is the upgrade free for me ?

I have purchased DEVONagent 1.x after November 1st, 2005, via promotion license.

If not I will use 1.x for a longer time :wink:

Jochen (.de)


I’m not sure to which promotion license you’re referring. Anyway, everybody who purchased DEVONagent 1.x on or after November 1st 2005 will receive a free upgrade to V2.x. This does of course not include give-aways (like the one in the issue 2/06 of Macwelt).

Thanks for answer :smiley:

Bad news :frowning:

I have my DEVONagent 1.x from 2/06 Macwelt.

So I must use 1.x for longer time.

Jochen (.de)