Upgrade pricing, DT3 Standard to Pro

Hi all. I recently made the switch from Keep It to DT3 and am much happier with DT3. I’m nearing the end of my trial and would like to purchase DT3 (and likely purchase or subscribe to DTTG3). Before I do, I have a question I can’t seem to find an answer for here in the forum or on the DT website:

If I purchase DT3 Standard now and decide I need the features of DT3 Pro a couple of months down the road, is the upgrade price $100 (the price difference between Standard and Pro) or…?

Yes, the price of the upgrade is identical to the price difference of the editions.

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Which is just another example of DEVONtech being fair and customer oriented. Thank you :relaxed:


Perfect. Thanks for the quick reply—much appreciated.

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