Upgraded to DTPO, question on Email Archiving

I watched video, but I noticed preferences differ in new DTPO.

I understand how to import, but have question concerning subsequent imports:
Apple Mail, Newest available, MobileMe.
I only want certain folders backed up, and I understand how to do that.

However, once I’ve done this, it is my understanding that I can not sync in the future, but must import the folder again. Is this correct?

The video stated that future imports would NOT import previously imported, but now I see a preference option that duplicates or some such would be marked as replicants. This implies importing later to update folder in DT will import all messages again, but mark them as replicants. Is this correct??

How does one avoid importing messages already in DT and ONLY import new messages since last import???

DO you leave the preference for replicants unchecked?

In short, how do you import email subsequent to first import, and avoid importing duplicates each time, only importing new messages since last import???

Thanks in advance… do not hesitate to elaborate in your answer.

Correct. A true sync would delete the messages already imported into DTPO if they have been deleted or moved in Mail, which would negate the reason to import the message into DTPO for many users.

Yes, leave the preference for replicants unchecked and only the new messages will be imported on subsequent imports.

Thanks for the infomation. Should help