Upgrading from ScanSnap ix500 to ix1600, use ScanSnap Manager or Home?

I’m currently using ScanSnap Manager (on Big Sur) to scan directly from my ScanSnap ix500 to DT3. I just ordered an ix1600 to replace the ix500 (the ix1600 is currently $100 off at Amazon or Newegg until Aug. 22). For those of you already with an ix1600, does it also work with ScanSnap Manager for direct scanning to DT3, or should I switch to ScanSnap Home? Thanks!

The iX1600 is listed as a supported scanner for ScanSnap Manager, so either application will work with DT3.

Thanks. I now have the ix1600, which is very cool. I’m still using ScanSnap Manager. The ix1600 was a plug-and-play replacement for the ix500 via USB (I didn’t even need to switch power supplies). ScanSnap Manager just provides a big “Scan” button on the ix1600 screen. I’ll need to switch to Home if I want the more complicated interface on the screen with multiple scanning options.

I went with ScanSnap Home when I upgraded from the ix500 to ix1600 and for what it is worth, I find the multiple scanning options very worthwhile, especially when I can choose them right from the LCD display on the ix1600. Using different setups I have fingertip control of scan formats going into my database.

Thanks! I’ll have to do the upgrade when I get a chance, maybe over the weekend. I’ll have to replicate some of the customization I did in ScanSnap Manager - I currently have additional profiles to scan directly into DT, one for simplex and one for duplex. I also have two profiles to scan to a searchable PDF file, one for simplex and one for duplex.