upgrading to DT pro

hello … i have been using DT personal and i want to trial DT pro - but DT pro doesn’t seem to recognize my DT personal database?

Normally, the first time DT Pro is launched on a computer that holds a DT Personal database, that database is copied and changed to the DT Pro database package file type and is saved to the Document folder.

You might check to see if a package file with the name of your DT PE database and the suffix “.dtBase” is in your Documents folder.

If not, you can easily construct a DT Pro database from a copy of your DT PE database, without any harm to the original database.

Make certain that DT PE is Quit.

  1. In the Finder, go to ~/Library/Application Support/. Inside the Application Support folder select (don’t open) the folder named DEVONthink.

  2. Copy (Option-drag & drop) the DEVONthink folder to your Documents folder.

  3. In the Documents folder, select (don’t open) the DEVONthink folder. Choose Command-I to open the Info panel. In the Info panel, rename the folder by adding the suffix “.dtBase” (no quotes, but case is important). Press Return and close the Info panel.

  4. Double-click on the new database file, which will have the blue shell logo of DT Pro. That will launch DT Pro and open your database.

greetings bill and thank you. i had my database stored elsewhere so that must be why DT Pro didn’t convert it when i ran it for the first time.