Upload DT Document from Web Browser

There is a common need to upload files (PDF’s, images,…) from a browser that are managed by DevonThink. Can someone share with me the easiest way to navigate to a DT document using a browser ‘Open’ or ‘Upload’ finder?

I am guessing that I would need to use DT’s internal browser to perhaps more easily upload documents within the DT dbase, but I haven’t been able to figure it out.

I am hoping with fingers crossed that exporting-to-upload isn’t the answer.

Welcome @gkedge

I don’t know what “DT’s internal browser” is, and I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking.

If you mean you have a website you need to upload a file to and the file is in DEVONthink, just drag and drop the document from DEVONthink into the upload sheet for the site. Alternatively, many sites support drag and drop without the OS sheet and you can drop directly into the browser window. For example, Dropbox supports drag and drop to the window.

I’ll try that. With DT’s internal browser, I was making the distinction between opening a website in Chrome or Firefox from the “DevonThink” internal browser, whatever that is, assuming Chromium.

Ahh… got it. And I should since I browse inside DEVONthink all the time! :slight_smile: