Upon OCR, rotated PDF images are cut off

When DT3 converts a PDF to Searchable PDF, it cuts off the PDF image when rotating the image upon OCR.

The original scanned PDF is not OCR’d.
The OCR’d PDF is rotated and cut off.

I used a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M to scan, set to Duplex with 2 pages in each file.

I turned off automatic image rotation in ScanSnap Manager. DevonThink still rotated upon OCR (expected) but also still cut off the image on each page. The images appear moved to the right with the right side cut off and a white band on the left.

Other settings were:

  • automatic resolution.
  • file format: PDF
  • paper size: automatic.
  • allow automatic blank page removal.
  • correct skewed character strings automatically.
  • allow automatic image rotation.

This appears to be discussed here as well:

This is an issue with the ABBYY OCR, we are current in discussion with ABBYY to find a solution.

Same issue here, very problematic as a lot of documents can’t be imported. It was working on DT pro 2

In case that the scan doesn’t need rotation at all you could try to disable the automatic rotation in Preferences > OCR.

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This is still not fixed and very annoying as it prevents i. e. brochure scans to be OCR’d correctly. I could provide a BEFORE - AFTER example if needed.

If you could provide a before image I check to see why it is rotating the scans

Didn’t see that coming: “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

Google Drive folder with two documents:
SCAN__12032019_213501_000959.pdf - Original from scanner
OCR__12032019_213501_000959.pdf - Rotated by OCR


Changing the preferences on automatic Rotation has fixed the issue for me. Thanks!