URGENT - Crashes on Open

Posted here last week viewtopic.php?f=3&t=12381 about devonthink crashing every time I tried to empty trash. I then did the verify and repair and reindexed the database, was able to empty trash. Spent several hours clearing out the duplicates from the orphan files found in the reindex.

Today, I can not open it. Devonthink crashed when I opened the program. Reopened and only hit continue on the inbox, cancel on my database, so was able to open it without loading the database.

Cleared the cache, removed the recent databases.

Clicked on the actual location of the database as it was recently moved and I thought it may have been looking in the wrong place.

Still crashes. I can’t see any way to run any of the tools, as they all involve having the database open.

Please advise ASAP. I have an assignment due this week and need access to my research.

Found a bit in the manual about replacing the .dtmeta files with ones in a backup folder.

Did this, opened without crashing but database is empty.

Found a backup that worked. Opened database, as expected recent changes were missing.

Verify and Repair - repeatedly until there were no errors
Optimize and backup

Cleaned out the duplicates, emptied trash.

Closed database.
Reopened and it crashes again.