URL for Mail Import

When I import a message from Apple Mail (either using the plugin or with drag and drop) the URL of the imported message is prefixed with “mailto:”. So launching the URL from DTPO opens up a reply window in Mail, with the recipient and subject line pre-filled.

I would much prefer to open up the original email when launching the URL. I notice that some of my imported emails from earlier versions of DTPO do in fact have a “message:” prefix instead of “mailto:” and they do open up the original message when launched. Is there any way of controlling the behaviour of the import so that it will create a link to the original message rather than creating a reply in Mail?

There’s no such option. And contrary to the mailto: link the message: link is limited to the original computer, it doesn’ t work on other computers/devices.

OK, thanks, I have figured it out. Open With does what I want to do, which is to open up the original message in Mail, whereas Launch URL opens up a reply window. Not sure why I have message: URLs from older versions.