URL from NetNewsWire to DEVONnote

Hi there,

Besides DTP, I’m currently using DNote to store little stuff, including urls. I normally have DN on my dock and drag&drop from Safari on its icon (without opening the window). It’s fast and clean.

However, it seems that is not possible with NetNewsWire. I try to drag&drop on DN icon and nothing happens. Is there a way to do it that I’m not aware of? If not, can that be included on the next release? And since I mentioned it… when will the next release happen?

In all these are three questions. :slight_smile:


– MJ

Anyone to reply?

– MJ

Sorry, I make very limited use of RSS feeds and don’t have NewNewsWire. Instead, I prowl my collection of site bookmarks routinely or run a DEVONagent search.

I noticed that DT Pro/Office 3.1 had a “what’s new” statement about improved compatibility with NewNewsWire, and there’s a new script for use with those applications.

I don’t know when an update for DN is planned; the new script for DT Pro and DT Pro Office won’t work with DN.

Although I’m not familiar with NetNewWire, I would think there must be some way of extracting the URL of a listed page, at least to the clipboard. Can any NewNewsWire users helo valente?

Thanks, Bill –

My question was more in the way of speeding up the process to place a url from NNW to DN. The drag and drop works if I use it with both windows opened… but the simple and fastest way of droping the url into DN icon doesn’t work. The clipboard way will take even longer.

I got DEVONnote on a promotion somehwere (“a mac application a day” or somethng similar). I didn’t use it from the start, since I had other note taking applications working just fine, like xPad, and I have DTP. However, one day, a bit frustrated because DTP doesn’t allow more that one database to be opened, I decided to use DN to gather simpler data: urls, thoughts, little pieces of text. Suddenly, the application grow on me.

Many of the news I gather (mostly to do with science) arrive to me via NNW. That’s why I want to spead up the process of saving them.

Anyway, I’m glad you answered my question the best you could. I appreciate it and… have a nice weekend. :slight_smile:

– MJ