URL in Navigation Bar


since the latest update (2.6), the button of the URL in the navigation bar does not open the URL anymore. It used to open the URL exactly like the Launch URL command, but it doesn’t work anymore. Did something in its functionality change or is this a bug?

One example: I have a PDF with a DEVONthink-link (x-devonthink-item://788BD3F8-C7EE-497D-AC41-8FBEB127827B). This link was created in the Info Panel. When I click the link (it now says „Go to: …“ and is blue), I hear an angry sound and nothing happens.

Thanks a lot!

URL button? Maybe posting a screen shot would help show the context for the problem.

If you click a link and hear the “bonk” sound, it means the link is invalid. So perhaps that document URL was pasted incorrectly or the document it points to was trashed? When you “created [the link] in the Info Panel” how did you do that?

Sure. The red arrow points to it.

I have two files. File 1 is a PDF, file 2 is a txt with annotations. I right-clicked file 2 and copied the item link. I then opened the info panel of file 1 and pasted the link into the URL field. When I click the @-button next to the URL field in the info panel, file 2 opens. When I right-click file one and select “Launch URL” file 2 opens. Before v2.6, I could click the link in the navigation bar (see screenshot) and file 2 opened. When I now click the link I hear the “bonk” sound, although the link is valid.

I have many PDFs annotated this way, and I used to click on the URL in the navigation bar to open the annotations. Now this doesn’t work with any of them.

Thanks a lot.

@bernd, sorry I didn’t get it the first time

I tested this. You are right – the document link is broken in DEVONthink 2.6. I’ve filed a bug report; you might also to ensure it gets rapid attention – like you, all my annotation references that were accessed through the link bar are broken. Here’s what I see:

  1. If I have a PDF “My PDF” and my notes in an RTF “My Annotation”, and I follow @bernd’s procedure, what I see in the link bar for “My PDF” is a plain text reference to “My Annotation” that looks like this:

    and vice versa.
  2. If I create an annotation document using the Annotation template (which automatically follows the same procedure in #1) I get the same results
  3. In both cases, the link shown in Show Info is valid a clickable via the @ button, but the link bar link is broken – it “bonks” and is not-clickable
  4. In #1 and #2 if I Copy Item Link from the PDF and paste it into the RTF (a clickable text link) – the link is valid and works
  5. If I change the name of any document, the reference shown in the image is not updated

#3 is a work-around, but my (and it seems @bernd’s) prior working annotations are not behaving as they were when they were created

After reading it again, I realised I didn’t explain it very well.

I will. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the bug report, the next maintenance release will fix this. In the meantime you could use Data > Launch URL (or its shortcut) or the @ button in the Info panel.