Url links placed in markdown files working as links

Is this expected behavior?

  1. Copy any web url link to a markdown document.
  2. Save it

Expected behavior: The link works as a real link as in other types of DT3 documents
Current behavior: The link shows up for a short time in the text editing view, but then when switching back to read only view and again back to text edit view the link is not show as a clickable link.

I could use the [link name] (url) notation. I think Typora supports links as they are, i.e. you put a url into a md document and it behaves as a link by default which is nice.

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I haven’t seen this behavior.
Is Preferences > Editing > Smart Links enabled?

PS: Typora (and other apps of this ilk) do a lot of dancing behind the scenes.

If you just want to use a raw link, enclose them in greater than/less than symbols, e.g.,

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Yes the smart linking is enabled in preferences. Now, I checked Typora and you have to option-link to open the URL. Was just odd that the linkable url shows up for a short time in the text editing view.

I guess just need to internalize adding urls <> enclosed when pasting them in.