URL ManagerPro & DA integration = Feature request


I received an email from Alco Blom regarding the new URL manager Pro beta with Devon Agent integration. As a result we can now surf with DA as the default browser and use the bookmark menu extra from URL MP and have access via the URLMP contextual menu.

When I choose a URL from URLMP and it opens in DA, it opens in a new window.

I was wondering if it is possible to set up a preference to always open in a new tab by default.



I don’t know how UMP is opening URLs in DA but sending the standard “get URL” AppleScript command uses the preferences to open links from other applications either in tabs or windows.

Is this a public beta? I wanted to switch to DA as my default browser but noticed URL Manager Pro didn’t track it in its History window. Frustrating.



You are correct about that; DA is not tracking in the History window. Alco Blom is a very responsive developer. Drop him a line about that and he’ll quickly follow up. support@url-manager.com


Done. Should have thought of that a few weeks ago when I first noticed it. Thanks, howarth.


…and ten minutes later, Alco responds:


Alco Blom writes:

I have added support for History and the Grab All feature of UMP.

The new download (3.5b2) is here:


Also from Alco:

About this tab question: you can try to change the preferences in DEVONagent.

Set in pref pane Tabs:

Open links from applications: in a new tab

Select new tabs as they are created.

Alco Blom - alco.blom@mac.com

hey UMP users, when you right click a link in DA, do you have the option to add the link to UMP? I don’t, but it seems I am supposed to.

Maybe if UMP installs a contextual menu plugin but DA doesn’t include such a command on its own.