URL or Applescript to search DA Pro?

I use http://www.alfredapp.com and would like to have it be able to open a query in DEVONagent Pro (search and show the results in the search window). If that’s not possible, I’m open to other options as well. I’m mostly just concerned with starting the search via the Alfred text entry box.

I’ve looked through the AppleScript dictionary and couldn’t find anything there. The ‘search’ action looked promising, but I couldn’t figure out how to actually start the search and get results.

I could also use a URL scheme to search if that sort of thing is available (e.g., x-devonagent://search)

Thanks for any insight,



Check out the DEVONagent manual. (Because these guys are genuises) they have included some awesome examples right in the documentation you may find helpful. For example, on p.10 there is a link that says: Click here to make DEVONagent run this search for you. Hover over it and check out the link in the tooltip. Hope that helps. 8^)

Thanks! Is there an actual PDF manual? I ended up digging through the application help, but found the link you mentioned.

For reference, it’s:


It mostly works. Specifically, it works as expected if DA is already open.

If DA is not already open, DA launches and populates the search field, but doesn’t actually start the search. Is this a bug?

I’ve worked around this with a bit of AppleScript:

tell application "DEVONagent"
	get URL "x-devonagent://runPlugin?identifier=com.devon-technologies.internet.plugin&query=" & theQuery
end tell

No, I don’t believe it’s supposed to actually “push the button” so to speak. Glad you’re getting somewhere. 8^)

For completeness, here’s the URL scheme for starting a search with a Search Set:


Hope that helps everybody.