URL recognition (Phone numbers, email, location)

I’ve recently switched from Evernote to DT and still learning the differences :slight_smile:

One big issue for me is that different file types for notes have different “features” or editing capabilities.

What me really drives crazy is that I’m not able to click on a phone number to make a call. DT doesn’t recognize the number as a phone number. What I learned a minute ago is, if the file is plain text than it works. Oh man, that is really boring - or do I something wrong?

Next: if I click on an email adress then I get a “unsupported URL” - if I click then on “open in Safari” an email window opens.

Next: in Evernote it was easy to open a map just by clicking on an adress - DT doesn’t recognoze locations/adresses, right?

So, please, give me a hint if I do something wrong or if this may be included in a future version.

Imagine that: you’re on the road, want to call a customer, phone number is part of a note, you can see it but you cannot not tap on it to make the call. You’ve to copy/paste the number to the Phone App - which is no fun

Are you referring to imported Evernote notes being non-functional?

Concerning notes created in DEVONthink, no - data detectors don’t work in HTML based files, like Formatted Notes.

They work in plain text and rich text documents.

Thank you for your reply - my default file format is RTF.

Data detectors: unfortunately not working as I expect - html links work fine in rich text documents, yes, but mailto: not.
I’ve a RTF with a lot of mailto: links - I get “unsupported link”.
Phonenumbers are working in plain text, yes, but plain text is not my favourite format to take notes.
There are so many restrictions: bullet lists, checkboxes, mailto: / phone number links - I need them all within an easy-to-handle note format.

So, I really hope the mobile version of DT will evolve, because I like it on my Mac. But I’m a mobile user - only 50% of my time in front of a laptop…