URL saved as HTML page gives error, works fine as bookmark

Hi, I have an URL whose content I want to save in DT3. Now I see 3 outcomes (all using the Firefox add-on for DT):

  • save as markdown (cluttered) renders only part of the web page
  • HTML page results in a 404 error (presumably because DT tries to load the page not in the same way as my browser?)
  • Bookmark works fine, even when I load it in DT3 - no error, everything renders ok.

Even weirder: Sharing the original page as PDF (via the print dialog) from Firefox to DT cuts off the content, whereas sharing the exact same page from DT’s built-in browser as PDF to DT (again, via the print dialog) works just fine. Nothing cut off.
I can sent the link to support, but don’t want to post it here because it contains some personal information.

In this case DEVONthink just stores whatever it receives from Firefox.

The URL would be indeed useful.

Might this be a paywalled site where you have credentials to read the content but the DT3 add-on is not able to access it?

Nope. I should have mentioned that. It is in fact the “travel locator” site of the Greek government. You have to provide credentials to log into it, but the URL I’m having trouble with, works completely without login. Which is weird enough, in my opinion :frowning:

Can you see if you get the same behavior from a Youtube page?

There are some sites - including Youtube - which seem to somehow block being imported to DT3 via the browser plug-ins. Yet you can successfullly add the same URLs via bookmark.

If this site has a paywall yet also has some public pages, they might well be fairly sophisticated on what access they permit for the site - just like Youtube does. With youtube you get a “blocked” message when trying to add it to DT3 via the browser plug-in, even though youtube is not paywalled.