URL scheme x-devonthink-item:// not working with Toodledo

I’m on El Capitan on macOS. When I want to click on a pasted Devonthink link (in a note on Toodledo.com in a browser), then the link does not work. Example: x-devonthink-item://8BE6C8C1-6749-4D43-BD86-94D7064F6EE3 – only the characters after and including the 2 slashes show as a link. I tried this in various other (and older) Chrome-based browsers and there too, it did not work. I also checked Safari and there it did also not work. Heck, even in the new Firefox this does not work. When I put the Devon link into the address field of Vivaldi, then it WORKS!

Is this an issue with Toodledo? When I paste a Devon link in the app Things then it beautifully resolves and opens the folder in DEVONthink.

Can somebody shed light on this issue?


Online services like this may not work with urlSchemes (and likely won’t). Putting it in the address bar of a browser is not the same thing. That is the application working with the URL. A very different story.

Thank you for that explanation. In case somebody else is using Toodledo, here’s the response from Toodledo: toodledo.com/forums/2/25537 … notes.html

Thanks for the follow-up.