Urls nested in notes from Evernote

Hi all,
I’m testing out DT with the intent of leaving Evernote behind. I’ve imported my Evernote database and all went well, except that I notice that often (but not always, for some reason), DT has changed notes that were links from the web into a subgroup with the name of the link, and the same-named link under it along with an unnamed file (see attached). Is there any way to globally fix that redundancy, or is this something I’m going to have to do by hand?

Thank you…

I"m not clear on the Evernote note (urls nested)
Can you give us an example, maybe a .enex file

Thanks. Umm … Here’s a screenshot of this same set of notes in evernote. You can see it starts with Arbutus
Artisaema etc…
where the DT has put some of the notes that links or PDFs into separate [folders] with the links repeated inside those, at the top along with an “unnamed” file …

For an .enex file do I just export from “Gardening: General” in Evernote and it will make a file of everything in that notebook?

I was thinking about a single note.
Right click on the note and you’ll see Export in the menu

It seems the only way I can post this is as an image …

A .zip file works better
Right-click the .enex file and select Compress

Um, because I’m a new user, it says i can’t upload an attachment. (Though images don’t count?)

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Here it is:
sample-note.enex.zip (274.5 KB)

$22 for a Ruscus aculeatus?!? That’s outrageous!! :wink:
(And you are correct, I have no idea what I’m talking about :stuck_out_tongue: )

The import of the .ENEX file looks correct to me, with a group containing the file and a linked document of some sort.

I confirmed your results
The problem is back in Evernote with the “unnamed file” (seceenshot below)

Is there any way to globally fix that redundancy

An applescript could clean up the imported records
see sample script at Quick way to delete 'empty' imported Evernote notes - #9 by BLUEFROG

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Well, Canadian dollars. :wink:

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Oh, thank you! I’ll give that a shot.