Use a menu shortcut for replication

I struggle finding an efficient workflow for making multiple replicants for new documents. In version 2.X I would press ctrl+enter and then type group/tag names for replicating and tagging items.
This is not feasible in v3 for any tag or group containing commas, but to keep consistency and retain naming conventions overall I need to keep using commas in at least group names. If need be, I could handle my tags with a naming convention that exclude the use of commas and even spaces, but not for groups. Now, in v3 a comma typed in this tag section invoked by ctrl+enter will use commas as separator and create two or more tags instead of accepting what was typed as being an existing group name.
My present workaround is to right-click and use Replicate To which is challenging and cumbersome. I generally wish to only use my keyboard and to have a visual confirmation of what I do (I work fast, with up to hundreds of minute details per hour that I need to replicate correctly).

From the indefatigable support I have learned that this is related to Apple’s handling of tags and difficult to solve. So I would like to suggest a functionality that would be ideal for me under the circumstances:

  • A similar popup window to the one that exists for “Move to” for “Replicate to” and similar functionality
  • Once replicated, the item and the window the user stood in should remain in front
  • Preferably, focus should remain in the popup with the possibility to perform multiple “replicate to” operations without leaving

Any thoughts on this, or does anyone have a “keyboard only”, efficient way of replicating items in v3?


Thanks for the suggestions! This is planned for upcoming betas/releases, probably by pressing a modifier key.

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What is the status of this request? I, too, when doing my “daily inbox processing run” want to replicate a given note to multiple groups (which I prefer to tags). The keyboard shortcut to “Move to” is great. Something similar, “Replicate To”, which shows a popup that allows quick typing (ala Move To dialog) to select a group to replicate to would be ideal. As it is, it’s too slow to constantly right-click and then navigate the menu structure by hand.

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These keyboard and mouse combinations still work, although the “Get Info” inspector doesn’t seem to be recognizing that a given file has a rep or dup. Faster than using the control-dropdown menu.

Duplicate to another location: Option-drag
Replicate to another location: Command-option-drag

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But the suggestion of pop-up “Replicate to” & “Duplicate to:” windows is terrific. I just mention the Drag + Option/Command-Option feature as another way to accomplish the task.

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Googling “devonthink keyboard shortcut replicate” brings me to here. Ad me to the list of those wishing to see this added. I have immense use for something like this on a regular basis.