Use case for devonthink

Can people mention what all use case they use devonthink for, this will help others to get the maximum benefits out of the app.

There are many different kinds of use to which people put the app. My personal uses (being retired and not an academic) are (by way of brief overview only and not in any particular order):

  1. Archiving old emails to make them easily searchable.
  2. Archiving old Day One diary (journal) entries for the same reason.
  3. Saving and automatically filing receipts, bank statements and other personal information,
  4. Saving copies of recipes found on the web which I want to try.
  5. Keeping pdf manuals and guides in a separate database.


I use it mainly for personal and professional finances: Filing bills, receipts, account statements, tax returns and all that.
I’m probably underusing it, but I don’t care – it has proven to be extremely useful in locating information I need.

@Stephen_C: I wager that there are more useful tools for recipes, e.g. Paprika 3 which can import recipes directly from websites. That works surprisingly well for english recipes, less so for (e.g.) german ones. But I have to admit that I never tried using DT for this purpose.

I looked at Paprika 3 the other day. However, I have a recipe book created with Scrivener with over 600 recipes which compiles perfectly to a fully linked pdf file (which I use in Skim on my Mac and in GoodReader on my iPad). I see no way of importing the Scrivener file - or any of its compiled versions - into Paprika 3 and in any event don’t require the sophistication that app offers. I use DT simply to save from the web recipes I might want to try. If I try them and they’re a success they’re added to my Scrivener recipe book.



I’d suggest searching this forum—there are lots of past discussions. As for my use cases, I wrote up something I on the MacPowerUsers forum a few months ago.

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With a three course meal each day, I reckon you are set for about eight months of isolation from the virus before you have to repeat meals.

Now if the stores just don’t run out of Dijon mustard before this crisis is over, all should be well.



The major supply problem currently is flour of every description—but this is getting wildly off-topic and is perhaps more suited for a thread on how DT assists with lock down (storing details of new found on-line suppliers, for example :grinning:).