Use case: Personal Invoice Management

I’ve been developing a workflow for managing personal invoices over some time and decided I wanted to do a quick write-up to share. I hope that it might be of inspiration for someone implementing something similar.

Devonthink Use Case: Invoice Management


Thanks for sharing your workflow!

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Thanks for posting your invoice workflow

group called Invoices

I prefer using tag:!Invoices with no requirement for separate grouping

I don’t usually group my invoices/receipts; but may use a grouping with the item/event

sub-group with the format Year-Date…end of the year, I grouped all the sub-groups (Year-Date) into one group for the year.

I store the date as metadata
I don’t see the benefit of these groups; I can generate a filtered list based on stored date

track the payment date

Imprinting the pdf was interesting, nice to see a working example
but for accounting, I need the payment date as a metadata field


Nice! I do similar things, but manually. I scan an invoice to a group for the vendor, adding an “attn” tag.

When I pay the invoice, I remove the tag. Your automation is nicer.


Yeah, that might be another thing I’ll consider, to use metadata instead. I do like group setup for now as I can just move around files - for example, sometimes I get 3 monthly invoices at the same time and then I just drop them in future month groups. This could of course also be handled by metadata.