Use custom metadata from group for placeholder in document template?

I’m new to devonthink3 (and I like it). I was wondering if there is a way to use the (custom) metadata of the group for creating documents with placeholders in this group.

Every client has its own group in the database. The group is named after the client, e.g. “Doe, John”.
Now I can use the %groupName% as a placeholder in a template to create a document where the name “Doe, John” is inserted.
What I want: Attach custom metadata to the group (e.g. %phone%) and use this data for a placeholder in a template, so I can create a document inside the group where %groupName% and %phone% is inserted.
Is there a way? Thanks (and apologies for my English).

This isn’t possible currently, the only solution would be a script.

Welcome @pop

Define ”a document”. There is no singular document type in DEVONthink.

sure, I want to create a new rtf.-file (using the metadata from the group where the new file will be created).