Use database with multiple users on iCloud(CloudKit)

I am using several databases. I have my email address to sync they with iCloud(CloudKit). Now an other person (who is member in my family account on iCloud) with an other email address needs access to the databases. If I set up the sync with the same iCloud space DEVONthink creates a new area with no content. What did I do wrong? Please help!

Assuming what you are describing is users with different Apple IDs: iCloud space is not shared as a common entity between users with different Apple IDs (that is: if you have 1 TB of space, each of you can access it for a total of 1 TB, but none of you can access the other’s content). That is a limitation of iCloud. For your setup you would need to create a sync on a shared medium such as Dropbox.

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Thanks for this quick answer! OK, then I know what I have to do!