Use DEVONthink for lectures?

Wonder if there’s any other lecturers on here who use DEVONthink in the classroom?

I frequently use it in my classes, drilling down into my research, presenting work and resources, going through material ‘live’ in the classroom.

It certainly keeps things more interactive and flexible than Keynote or Powerpoint.

Anyone else? Any tips or experiences to share? I’d love to hear.

I do. The group for my current chapter/topic is always open when I teach. So easy to reference files from any app, especially with replicants allowing me to reference files that also apply to other topics/chapters.

In the middle of grading jail now, but I’ll revisit this thread later. The only quick tip I would add is that now with the annotation/info pane visible it is easy to throw a fullscreen file onto my presentation screen and still see the guts of the file on my MacBook.

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