Use DTP and Google Docs to 'trim away the fat.'

This is a work-flow idea for all you writers out there. I just had an interesting idea today. Use DTP to gather your research and compose notes.

When you’re ready to start writing, log into your GMail account and do this:

  1. Add folders in your GMail account for your books notes, etc…

  2. Access Google Docs and:

    • Create spreadsheets to keep track of your writing- timelines, agent contacts, book sales, etc…

    • Create a document for your book. Start writing inside Google docs as it supports RTF and Plain Text.

The idea is that you could, theoretically, cut out the ‘middle man’ and use Google Docs to write your entire manuscript as well as keep track of your emails and other related data in one application. Hopefully, you know how to format your manuscript for submission and you should be able to do this easily in Google Docs.

When you’re ready to send/review your manuscript, you can download it as PDF, Text, .doc, Open Office, and HTML. You can also print directly from Google Docs.

Using the method ensures your ‘million dollar’ screenplay is securely stored off-line with all of your relevant data and emails together. The only downside is not always having internet access so you could also use this method as an archive instead.