Use "highlight" with imported emails

My job as FAE involves dealing with 20 to 30 concurrent highly technical “projects” (bug reports/issues/feature requests) at a time. DTPO turned out to be my personal best fit to realize a GTD workflow that adapts to my needs and as reference libary for internal/external documents, mindmaps, emails etc.

Finding the information I need was never so easy before.

When I process my Inbox, I often have lenghty emails from my companies engieers giving me valuable design background. I would love to be able to use the “highlight” feature with those emails but it turns out they are read-only (while being unlocked).

Is there a way to remove the “read-only”? I am aware that there are many reasons (also legal) why one would like to have emails read-only. In my case however, I would love to be able to highlight and/or make notes directly in the email.

Any ideas / hints (other than copy & paste into a new RTF)?


There is no easy way to turn off the read-only flag of a mail RTF file. But you can “Convert to rich text” and that will create a new document with identical contents that you can edit.


It is faster than C&P and preserves the link. That is what I was looking for.