Use of e-mail in DT

I’m thinking of using DevonThink to archive my e-mail and have several questions.

Does anyone know what the best way would be to pull in my MailSteward e-mails? I’ve got about 36,000 of them over 10 years. It apparently stores the e-mails in a SQL database. It can do the usual exports into Tab or comma delimited files, or mbox files.I assume that mbox files would be the way to go, but before I do such a large job I want to make sure.

Is there a way to have DevonThink office Pro automatically archive my e-mail files?

mbox files would be the way to go. DTP can’t archive things automatically, but with DTPO there is a mail plugin that lets you do it from within Mail.

At any given time I am responsible for 4-5 projects, each of which has different people I have to deal with, sub-projects, notes, etc. On a average day I get 150-200 different pieces of email, some of which I have to reply to, but all of which I need to archive and keep correspondence folders along with the projects.

I would like to set up a mail rule that would take messages which are automatically moved to project inboxes in mail, and then automatically move any new content into the appropriate group in Devonthink. Right now I am doing this each day by hand and it’s getting a little tedious. I just want to be able to reply to any messages that need responses and then get rid of the transient correspondence, while Devonthink keeps archival copies of all pertinent email in the mailbox/folder I associate with the rule inside Devonthink.

How do I set up a mail rule to automatically transfer any new content put into Mailbox (X) into Devonthink as well?

Thank you.

I am attempting to import messages from YahooGroups that are in mbox format:

Both the Eudora mailboxes and the Apple mail mbox files are plain text files containing all feldyforum mail for the year."

So far, I have not gotten it to work.

I assume that I can do it in PRO and do not need PRO Office?

Thanks! - Ryan