Use on two computers

I’m considering buying DTOP (or is it DTPO?). I have a MP and a MBP. I expect the MP to hold my database for my future paperless home office. Two questions:

  1. If I’m the only user, can I use one license for my two computers?
  2. If I use the web server in order to access files on the MBP, would I be able to access those files when not connected to the network? e.g. can I check out or import to the MBP in order to use certain files on that computer?

Thanks much.

  1. Yes.

  2. If you are browsing or searching the database hosted on your MP via Web sharing via the browser of the MBP, you can download files to the MBP.

If you are going on travel, you can copy over databases to the MBP. If additions are made while on travel, the revised database can be copied back to the MP.

Although we don’t officially support this and I haven’t tried it, some users employ DropBox to synchronize a database between two computers. One must always close the database after use on one computer before accessing it on the other computer, otherwise database damage could result. (I’ve got relatively slow and unreliable broadband service, so am hesitant to use DropBox.)