Used for years - now seeing orphaned files and files moved to root folder

Updated to the latest version 3.6.1. and I am now seeing hundreds of files orphaned and/or moved from their group folders into the database root folder. The first time it happened I fixed all of the orphaned files manually, opened the database again today - - more!

Synced using iCloud and I do use the iOS app.

Normally DEVONthink doesn’t move records automatically.

Did you (accidentally) create new records inside a tag?

  • Where are the databases located - the file path in the machine?
  • What operating system are running?
  • What other devices are you syncing with?

Meaning that they were located in the group named Orphans?

Well, not used for years, but seeing many orphaned files… and error alerts.

In my situation, there were MP3 files, organized. Now, the filenames remain and proper file size, but errors are saying that the file is gone. I can locate the files w/ actual audio in the orphaned files folder, but there’s no easy way to clean anything up.

Here’s the kind of placeholder I’m seeing, where the file was:

+500 files orphaned

My files are on an external drive, attached to laptop.

DT 3.6.2
OSX 11.2.1

Did you recently verify & repair the database or is the “Orphans” group already older? In addition, do you remember whether DEVONthink and/or the computer crashed or froze or whether e.g. the external drive was disconnected/unmounted while the database was still in use?

Usually repairing tries to match found orphaned & missing files but this fails if multiple files having the same name exist, is this the case?

The drive could have been removed without proper ejection, but there should have not been any DT processes running.

It “could be” that multiple files with the same name exist.

I would file this issue as RARE.